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Partner FME-CWM

Already for 13 years Alympus works as a preferred supplier with FME-CWM, association for the technology industry. Meanwhile there is a formal partnership between Alympus and FME-CWM. This partnership is to complement each other in services and products for member organisations of FME-CWM, such as an experienced interim professionals in reorganisation projects or an ISF project. Also the implementation of Competency and Performance Management in conjunction with the Employability Monitor or performing an Employee Satisfaction Survey for sustained employability, are examples of that.

FME en AlympusEmployability Monitor and FME-CWM FME HRM Consult uses the Employability Monitor for evaluating process steps. This tool can also help you to anchor performance- and competencemanagement in your organisation.


Employee Survey and FME-CWM Together with FME-CWM we offer the Employee Survey to their members. Companies use this pragmatic tool to measure the satisfaction/loyalty of its employees objectively and anonymously.