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Employee Survey

With the Employee Survey, Alympus responds to the development of sustainable / multi employability, the vitality of your employees and the employee satisfaction. Working on the satisfaction of your employees ensures that they are motivated and creates a positive work environment. This reduces staff turnover, results in lower absenteeism and thus higher productivity. HR managers realize the need for professional information about how employees experience their activities in their organization and how the organization as an employer is assessed. The information from an Employee Survey should then be used to further strengthen the HR policies and/or to picture new issues.


Within Alympus, the usefulness of the research results and suggestions for improvement are central; with which is thought actively along in the results-oriented solution of the (HR) issues. After the research you will receive an extensive report with a graphic display of the results. In this report, based on the results, conclusions and recommendations are clearly and pragmatically summarized. Below is a visual representation of the process of an Employee Survey;