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Subscription Alymp@s

Subscription to Alymp@s offers a suitable solution for organizations to outsource the HR department and/or the Payroll Department, including an integrated staff information system (Perman 1 of ADP).

The method Alymp@s offers customers is a professional and integrated backup function with respect to HR processes and/or Payroll processing, which is comparable to ‘a colleague at distance’. Alymp@s consists of a combination of professional and personal support, both on location and by phone/email by an experienced HR and/or Payroll Advisor.

The use of the support is flexible and tailor-made for each customer, depending on the need. Perman 1 is an integrated package for HR and Payroll, unlimited (24/7) online accessible and protected according to current ICT standards. A subscription Alymp@s consists of modules that can be used both integrated as well as seperately:

• HR
• Payroll Services
Staff Information System.